The advantages of online learning

The Advantages of Online Lessons

Online language learning is an educational medium that allows students to participate in online classes via the internet. They don’t need to visit the teachers at their homes, and they can learn from the comfort of their own homes.

If you have tried learning a foreign language in the traditional way by going to the classes, you must know that one of the inconveniences of the traditional access is that having to take into consideration the travel time to and from the lesson. You have to plan extra time, half an hour or an hour, to get to the lesson and another half an hour or an hour to get back. For those people who don’t have time for the travel having their lessons online is perfect opportunity. So online learning is for people who are always “on-the-go”. 

One of my students has no time for going to the classes because she has to work from early morning until late night and she does competitive sports at the weekends, so for her online learning is the only options for language learning. She has the same book as I do. I even have students in countries with different time zones, so we coordinate the times for the lessons.

Contrary to traditional lessons online learning makes the learners rely on their voice and our voice so pronunciation and tone get more emphases.

Studying online seems very natural and comfortable which helps the students open up and speak more making them more confident in speaking.

Links to pictures or videos related to the topics that we are talking about can be sent easily. We can send definitions to words by copying and pasting them into the conversations. When the students do not understand the explanations of a word, I can show the student a picture of them. However, first they have to find out things for themselves.